Typical Mallorcan market

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Portol Marratxi Mallorca

The aim of this website is to explore and comment on lesser-known aspects of an Island known superficially to millions. On occasion, it may even wander off topic! And although P˛rtol is not exactly terra incognita, it is relatively untouched by tourism and every website has to start somewhere!

Mishmash covers the curiosities and absurdities of these Islands that do not fit well elsewhere; the Balearic Government granting legal rights to all the great apes (a species that includes humans); where to see the last remaining Osborne Bull on the Island or the mitre belonging to the Mallorcan antipope, Pope Clement VIII. Or read the stories behind the Islandĺs giants and patron saints, its in depth history and ancient legends or find more up-to-date information on genetically modified crops or reforestation. This page will update you as new subjects are added.

And so to P˛rtol, the pottery town in MarratxÝ, in the heart of Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands. Twenty minutes from the airport, Palma and the beach, and only seven from the nearest golf club at Puntirˇ, close to trains and motorway, P˛rtol is remarkably well situated.