Son Bonet Aerodrome, home to many private planes

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aircraft on the ground at Son Bonet
Canadair plane dropping water

The aim of this scheme is to interest youngsters in the world of aviation. On Open Days at Son Bonet, groups are shown round the old control centre and introduced to the world of aviation. After watching a video, listening to the safety instructions and donning a fluorescent jacket, they are taken out to the ramp where they learn the salient points of the hydroplanes, helicopters, corporate jets and light aircraft, and Guardia Civil Emergency and Rescue aircraft and those of the Forest Fire Fighting Service.

In 2007, there was also an exciting demonstration by the fire fighting Air Tractor when it dropped its water at high speed and close to the ground but obviously the highlight of the day was the flight in a CASA C-212 Aviocar from the Alcantarilla Airbase in Murcia. The target was taking 1000 children into the skies, the first time in the air for many of them.

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