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Just over a million people live in Mallorca, almost half of them in the capital, Palma. The rest are distributed among the seventy–odd towns and villages dispersed across the Island. The smallest is Buger, with a few hundred inhabitants. There are many small hamlets, even one complete with its church, privately owned and lovingly cared for and restored.

Over time, various kings have granted the title of ciudad or city-town to important population centres in Mallorca, either in recognition of their economic strength or their industrial acumen. Towns such as Lluchmajor, Inca and others.

The ever present threat of pirates and other invaders kept the ports small, and the towns that sprang up on the wealth from their trade flourished in safety in the hills behind them. Alcúdia with its massive walls, Sóller now a pleasant train ride away. Explore them all!

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