Meeting of Giants at Sant Marįal Church. Autumn Fair 2008

The Giants of Sineu
Marc,the giant blacksmith

One of the earliest records of giants appearing in a procession other than that of the Corpus Christi celebrations is recorded in Sineu in 1653 in a payment of 1 lliura, 8 sous 12 diners to be paid to Master Craftsman Pere Antoni to make the costume to be worn by the giant at the celebrations of the patron saint, St Rock. It is unknown if the giant also participated in the Corpus Christi procession. There is also documentary evidence of this giant accompanying the Sineu cossiers.

The present day giants are made from fibreglass with an internal aluminium structure. They were presented to their town on 8 October 2005, on the occasion of their baptism, in the presence of other giants, including some from Minorca. Their godparents were the giant Toni of Sa Poble and the Inca giantess. He was named Marc in honour of St Mark the patron saint of the town and she became Maria dels Āngels in honour of Our Lady in one of her many guises. Marc measures 3.78 metres and weighs 34 kilos. Maria dels Āngels measures slightly less at 3.75 metres but weighs one kilo more. They were built by Aragonesa de Fiestas in Zaragoza.

He represents the traditional blacksmith; tools of trade in one hand, a horseshoe in the other. She is dressed as a typical countrywoman, a gatherer of figs, with her basket.

Bandera espaņola.

Maria dels Āngels, the Sineu giantess