A Nativity scene in Mallorca

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dried beans used as markers in the Mallorcan game of bingo, known as quines
giants at Sant Marçal fiestas, Marratxi Mallorca
Christmas roscon de reyes

Quines,  or Mallorcan Bingo Quines is derived from the Latin for group of five and was first used in France in 1155. The game itself is thought to have been brought to France by Louis XIV who asked two Italian adventurers for a game of chance that would enable him to raise more taxes.

Later, taken to the United States by German immigrants, it was known as beano or the corn game, before evolving into the bingo we know today. It is still played with dried beans in Portol, where the numbers are drawn from a gourd. Always played in the local bars during the Christmas festivities, it is also a popular pastime played in the cool of the late evenings in summer.

In general, prizes are provisions, such as a jamon serrano or local products although, nowadays, monetary prizes are also common