Ornaments on a Mallorcan bagpipes or 'xeremias'
Alan Lomax recordings of Mallorcan music in the nineteen-fifties
ximbomba with a basket of flabiols or reed pipes
the ximbomba, often played to accompany gloses or satirical verses
Links to Mallorcan Folk Music

Over a six-month period in 1952, Lomax taped gloses, agricultural and work songs, cycle songs to mark occasions in life and in the calendar year, as well as boleros, madeixas, copeos, and more. Recordings are available on the Internet.

http://www.mallorcaweb.net/xeremiers/ A very complete site, in Catalan only,alas, but profusely and wonderfully illustrated and with a large photographic section on bagpipes from Europe and North Africa. There are also step-by-step guides on building the instruments. MP3s and midis include La Balanguera, the national anthem of Mallorca.

You can hear a couple of midis of the flabiol at http://www.geocities.com/iberiamidi/massot1.htm No 290, the carpenter encouraging his saw to work hard for him, is from Portol as is no. 329 about a girl called Margalida, and both date from the turn of the century.