Meeting of Giants at Sant Marįal Church. Autumn Fair 2008

The Giants of Alarķ
Bassa hero of Alarķ. The Alarķ giant

The first giant was built in 1995 and named Tomassa. Unfortunately her weight and construction made movement and dancing rather difficult. Aware that giants are an important feature of any local festival, the Town Council decided to make two companions for her.

It chose to represent two local heroes, Guillem Cabrit and Guillem Bassa, who defended Alarķ Castle in the name of King Jaume II against the usurper Alfons III, before being burned to death on a spit. (See local history.)

Both Cabrit and Bassa measure 41/2 metres but Cabrit weighs one kilo more at 53 kilos. Built by Kaki Portas, they were baptised on 6 August 2000 in a ceremony attended by giants from Inca, Soller, Alcudia, Sa Pobla, Palma and Calviā. Their godparents were the giants King Jaume II and Reina Violant d’Hongria. In 2005 they were the first Mallorcan giants to travel outside the Island when they attended a meeting of giants in Maastricht in Holland where they joined giants from Belgium, France, Austria and several from Holland itself.

Bandera espaņola.

Cabrit hero of Alarķ. The Alarķ giant