sea People

Sea People and the Talayots. I.
Whoever they were, it is indisputable that the Island of Mallorca underwent an abrupt change at this time (1300 BC), with the construction of the great talayots and archaeological discoveries of more bellicose relics from this era in a greater quantity than ever before.

Contemporaries of Agamemnon and Ulysses, all indications point to the invaders being very hierarchal and organised. They conquered Mallorca and Minorca although there is no evidence of them in Ibiza, and the conquest seems to have been short and sharp, as if there was little or no resistance.

Found only in the islands of Mallorca and Minorca, the talayot gives its name to the the local Bronze and Iron Age culture that flourished around 1300 BC. The talayots are not all alike nor do they have the same function. In general, circular talayots are found in the centre of settlements, the square ones are outside, they are smaller in size, and each side always measures 10 metres.

The majority of the doorways are orientated to the southeast at 145-150 degrees and even on mountain peaks they are all in visual contact with another talayot. Could there have been some astronomical significance similar to those underlying the early pyramids lined up to the star Sirius?

Sea People / Talayots.II.