Palma Cemetery
flowers Palma Cemetery
flowers Palma Cemetery
flowers Palma Cemetery
Funerals in Mallorca

The estimated cost for a basic burial or cremation in Mallorca in 2010 is 2000 euros although this is governed by the choice of casket and ceremony. The cost of a niche in a columbarium will cost over 1,500 euros, and a crypt for four more than 17,000 euros.

It is possible to scatter the ashes at sea. This is perfectly legal in Spain and can be done from a dinghy or a cliff. It is not legal, however, to cast the urn into the sea. Ashes may be scattered on land, with the exception of public parks and thoroughfares, but the urn must not be discarded with them.

An alternative is the ceremony organised by a German company whereby a boat sails from Can Pastilla into international waters (some one and a half hours), the urn is lowered into the sea and sinks while the crown of flowers floats on the surface. The boat makes two circles around the wreath while the family strew flowers in the ripples it forms, and the boat whistle sounds eight bells –the end of one watch and the beginning of another.

The urn dissolves within 24 hours and on returning ashore, the mourners are given a naval chart with the exact position of the urn. The cost of the ceremony with up to ten mourners is approximately 2400 euros.

The Anglican Church in Palma has a Garden of Remembrance for Anglicans and non-Anglicans where ashes may be scattered. There is also the possibility of a memorial plaque

The law in Spain provides for all cemeteries to establish areas for each religion. There is now one for Muslims in Son Valentí, and the law is being changed so that they can be buried according to their rites in a shroud but with no coffin. There has been a Jewish cemetery in Santa Eugenia, for orthodox and non-orthodox Jews for over thirty years. It has a small building for the funeral ceremony and the ritual washing of the dead, although nowadays this is normally carried out at Bon Sosec in Marratxi.